IMEC (Marie Cobel) with “Friends” September 11, 1985

Session 141: Emotions are protective energies


There is any awareness on the part of Friends that monitor is working to piece together a puzzle without having a picture of the finished product and how that can be frustrating. Friends counsel to have patience, wait, watch and know that there is hope and that understanding will increase.

Emotions are protective energies. Understanding them is the first step in development. The “aspective” qualities sustain your reality.

There is an explanation of the channeling process and some of the ethics involved.

Introduction of Dr. Carlyle who refers to the events of yesterday. Vocal pace increases. Then, “Running Water” an energy within the channel comes through. Apparently, this energy interrupted the session yesterday and pushed Friends aside. This energy protects the channel from “negative” thoughts and “stopped” certain negative words/vibrations from coming through.

Apparently, a perceived vibration of doubt and unexpectedness expressed by the monitor via question set up the above reaction.

Report by Helene Ramos