IMEC (Marie Cobel) with “Friends” April 23, 1985

Session 62: Total Consciousness Can Be Experienced

Original Question:


Cl Ny

Are you aware that we plan on using the channel in a training session for an upcoming Guidelines program?

Anything we can do to gain complete consent?

Concept of ego, earth energies and aspects are these the same?

In the training session can students ask questions?

Could the channel open her eyes before we close?

Summary: Voice vibrations of the vocal cords that we will set up will help us gain control.


Yes we are looking forward to this particular session that you are speaking of. If we have gained permission from the total entity we would be delighted to come and answer your questions.

The energies are flowing through the channel and she is becoming familiar with the process. She must step completely aside otherwise there will be confusion between her normal state of consciousness and the information coming through. However, the channel should seek to retain a conscious memory of the session otherwise there is no development in the consciousness of the channel herself, which is what one should be seeking.

Although the entity with a “name” as we think of ourselves, should stand back enough to observe the entire energy system mental, emotional, physical components not identify with any one aspect of it and eventually control itas a whole system. Various components of the individual energy system activated by emotional states or belief systems can gain prominence and seem to be in control but they don’t have enough perspective to truly have control.

Human concepts hold total energies in “bondage” keeping one from deeply felt experiences. If these can be allowed, flow beyond conceptual limits can be accessed. Total consciousness can be experienced!

3. Earth energy could be visualized different rates of vibrations, blank tapes...they are pure energies in and of themselves. As the energies interact there is the creation that take place. As the energies interact at that moment of the interaction there is a free energy in that sense that is separate from the two energies going together. This created energy comes under man’s domain as a creator. This is the creation of a concept. It grows until it becomes a force that interacts with individuals. The concepts of ‘god’, ‘evil’ ‘aging’ and ‘sickness’ come under this heading. When individuals come into contact with these concept fields, they influence them. These fields seek the physical body energy for purposes of manifestation, which then

become aspects. These are in cell structures of individuals being born on the earth plane as “seed” concepts. These thoughts penetrate the aura and interact with the originating energies outside the individual and “fester” into negative blocks. The interactions are difficult to explain but have been covered in detail in previous sessions, which can be reviewed for clarity. Ego in a man-made concept designed to hold him into bondage by constantly fighting with one’s own energies. Dualistic thinking is also a trap. Working from the inside out, beyond concepts and into flow will move things forward.

3. When the energy is flowing it is easier for the flow to continue. Speech/sound is a way to hold the channel open and maintain flow with better control.

4. Opening the eyes terminated the session. Beta signal introduced to bring Marie back.

Report by Helene Ramos